So, I was working on my project SpiderBot when I finally got around to changing from MySQL to a NoSQL database. I decided to go with Apache Cassandra because of how easy it is to cluster it. Not only that but it is dead easy to setup.

Point is, I used Fluent Cassandra to query the database from C#. Fluent Cassandra is very well done, except for the problem I had with actually running CQL queries. For some reason, whenever I would run a CQL query, Cassandra would just return saying that my keyspace and column doesnt exist. It took me awhile to fix it, as it wasnt my fault that this bug was happening, but rather either Fluent Cassandra, or Cassandra itself that was the problem.

You see, I had set up my keyspace and column names with capital first letters, as such: SpiderBot.Links, SpiderBot.Archive, etc. Whenever I changed it to be all lower case (spiderbot.links, etc), my CQL queries started working correctly. So far, I do not know why or how it does this, but I figured I should post about it in case other people have trouble querying Cassandra with Fluent Cassandra.

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