Droid 4

New phone!

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My new phone should be in today! Im getting the Droid 4. Other than that, its been kind of a quiet day. Very beautiful outside and warm today too. I wish I wasnt so lazy in the mornings, other wise Id get up early to enjoy the sunshine outside.

And I think Ive finally found out what is making those noises outside my window at night, as Im typing this an orange cat just ran across the parking lot in front of my window. Its busy being cute and hunting something. Hopefully its that freaking mouse that I saw last week.

Since school is kinda starting slow this year, Ive been mostly cleaning the apartment and cooking some hand made things. I made a chicken burger and Caesar salad dressing by hand which was amazing.  Last night I also made some potato chips with the slicer that my sister got for me last Christmas (thank you sis!).

School and work today are already done with, rather short day today. Feels weird, like Im forgetting to do something. Oh wells.

More to come soon in my programming tutorials and lets plays!