CyPhaCon 2014 – Friday!

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So the first day of CyPhaCon is over. It was great to see old faces along with new faces, and new things as well as new guests.

So I get to the Con about five minutes after they open their doors, only to see lines for the elevator going up. Took me ten minutes to get in and go up to actually get to the con. I managed to sneak past all the people who didnt have a badge yet (since I pre-registered!) and get to the floor to have a look around. Man, trying to cover two floors of awesomeness is going to be tough!

I take a moment to look around on the second floor which overlooks the first floor of the con, and notice a girl looking at me from the first floor. She is just staring. So I stare back wondering what the heck is going on. Some lady who was with this girl then looked at her and began waving her arms in front of the girl and she just busts out laughing, pointing to me and (what I hope) is an explanation of what she just did. The lady looks at me and laughs as well. They walk off with the girl who started the whole thing waving at me and smiling. Pretty random moment I thought I would share that made me laugh. The entire day was littered with tiny little events like this along with the people I did know doing things like this to me. Pretty great time if you ask me.

Oh, My, God. I do not have enough money to get all the things that are on sale there by the big sellers and small sellers. SO MUCH ART I WANT.

I have gotten a chance to meet Chuck Huber, who is a VA in a lot of animes. My favorite of his is still Stein from Soul Eater, and I can see why, he is just the coolest person. There was a moment in which a little girl walked up to his table and could barely get her pen and paper on the table for him to sign, and he just turned around and engaged her and made her smile while giving his autograph. Then took a picture with her, which I managed to take a few snaps of. When I managed to ask him for a picture he came right up and took it. Im glad he is here this year, he will be fun to watch interacting with all the fans and guests.

Tiffany Grant is the next VA I managed to get a picture with, and she is the sweetest person ever. I happened to just stand by watching people interact with her and she is just so nice to all the fans who came to see her. However, I still cant get the image out of my head of her looking and acting like her character Asuka from Evangelion. Maybe thats why some people kept their distance from her. That and she has THE COOLEST S**T for sale. She had a completed set of an anime I want which is the BOXED VERSION. They dont make box versions of ANYTHING anymore. But its too much for me to get without getting other things. T_T

So after looking at all the things and talking to people I havent seen in awhile, I began walking around taking pictures of the cosplayers and whatever else I thought other people would want to see. CyPhaCon has a lot more cosplayers this year than in the past, and usually I know most of them already because they have been going since the first CyPhaCon back in 2011. This was a whole new experience. Everyone I asked to take pictures of were really nice and let me take pictures, but I noticed something about an hour or two later. All the cosplayers I took pictures of that I didnt know before, if they saw me, would be really friendly to me. This is a first for me. Also, since there were more cosplayers there than ever before, there were people who were cosplaying who looked like they were doing it for the first time, or were really shy. I dont know why, but if I saw someone that I thought they were being shy about cosplaying, I would stop them and ask for a picture, then give them my card so that they could get it for free. Whenever I did this, I could just literally see their eyes light up. I hope I gave them some confidence by doing that! 😀

The staff this year is again really cool for letting me have the run of the place and jumping lines to get a good spot for photos. I really hope I get a great spot for the cosplay contest tomorrow, but I am sure they will set aside a good place for me to do my thing.

It is late (2:08 am), and I have a early morning tomorrow to get here before the long lines of people show up to get in. As usual, I have posted the pictures (and video! A first!) of today to my personal server so that the people I gave my cards to can download everything for free. Everything is mostly unedited, only edited for turning pictures right side up. Here is the link again!

Good night everyone! I will see you tomorrow if you are going to the con! 😀

CyPhaCon, Friday 2013 Pictures!

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So CyPhaCon 2013 finished yesterday! And Ive been photoshopping the first day worth of pictures. I just finished the first day. At least the ones I want to post anyways. Which is about 50 ~ 60 pictures, some of which are the same with different effects. Suzi will probably kill me for some of the pictures. Im soo afraid of doing the second days worth of pictures. I think I took somewhere around 500 pictures. 😛

Well Im hitting the bed now. Will work on the second day pictures later when I feed on more pocky and slumber.