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For those of you who dont know, I moved out of the dorms last November into an apartment (thank you mom and dad!) and have been happy ever since. However, Ive been having hit or misses with shipping things here though. Most of the time I get my packages while Im here at the apartment. However, today I was suppost to get a package today and it was “delivered” earlier today while I was at school. I get home and nothing is at my door or at the mailbox. And also, I was home late today so I couldnt go into the office and see if they have it or not. Not happy. >:(


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So as maybe a few of you can tell, Im still trying to find the right theme for this website. It has not been easy finding anything that works. So I may have to update WordPress to the latest version of it. Bleh.

In other news, SpiderBot is coming along nicely. I have to put it aside for the moment to study for tests that are coming up in school. Pretty much everything I am taking this semester is worthless to me in developing software. But it still needs to be done.

My sister contacted me about developing some software for her and the team that uses a gui instead of the command line for some mathematical program. After they sent me a file that showed me what they wanted I kind had to scratch my head. I havent seen that kind of math in awhile, and some of it I didnt recognize. Shouldnt be too hard to program it though.

I dont know if I ever posted this, but recently I had a little buddy running around my apartment in the form of a field mouse. Ran over my foot one night while I had family over as well. I got tired of it running over everything and potentially making me sick so I put out some nice dinners for it to eat (if you catch my drift). I found him the other day on the floor dead near my patio door. Tiny guy was cute. Felt bad about killing him, but I dont need something running around my apartment causing damage to the place and my things.

Catch ya laters!

Droid 4

New phone!

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My new phone should be in today! Im getting the Droid 4. Other than that, its been kind of a quiet day. Very beautiful outside and warm today too. I wish I wasnt so lazy in the mornings, other wise Id get up early to enjoy the sunshine outside.

And I think Ive finally found out what is making those noises outside my window at night, as Im typing this an orange cat just ran across the parking lot in front of my window. Its busy being cute and hunting something. Hopefully its that freaking mouse that I saw last week.

Since school is kinda starting slow this year, Ive been mostly cleaning the apartment and cooking some hand made things. I made a chicken burger and Caesar salad dressing by hand which was amazing.  Last night I also made some potato chips with the slicer that my sister got for me last Christmas (thank you sis!).

School and work today are already done with, rather short day today. Feels weird, like Im forgetting to do something. Oh wells.

More to come soon in my programming tutorials and lets plays!