Flooding is the worst.

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Pumping water flooding

Welp, This was a thing.

So Louisiana has been bombarded by rain storms for the past month. It has been flooding, raining, and generally being really crappy. It flooded so much, that water got into my return air duct that is in ground under my house. My house sits about a foot and a half above the ground, and is in the higher elevation area of my city. AND WE STILL GOT ENOUGH TO POOR INTO THE DUCT. So a quick scramble to Lowes and back got some water out of our system. Fun times.

As for everything else, its been a fun month for the most part. CyPhaCon came and went, I got to play photographer at a Roller Derby game, and the dog isnt eating all of my things! He has been a really good boy lately. Which is why Michelle has been getting him huge bones to chew on and eat. The only problem I have with that is he does it at my feet at my computer desk, which isnt a bad thing. Its only a bad thing when he starts to fart silent but deadly gas because of the bone. Good god I have never had to walk out of a room before because of a methane cloud of dog farts, it was the worst thing I have ever smelled. It felt like I could feel a film of the fart in my nose long afterwards, it was horrible.

Summer is almost here! So hopefully some things will slow down for a little bit and warm up as well.

CyPhaCon 2015

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This years CyPhaCon (2015) was just as fun as the previous years, and has yielded more friendships and pictures than I know what to do with. However, for some reason this year had incredibly HARD lighting conditions to fix in post, so pictures for the con will be slow in release. I have posted Friday on my Flickr page and on my own webserver at:



So please check them out! 😀 I promise to get Saturday, the cosplay contest, and Sunday done as soon as I am able. Family matters came up before and after the con so my mind has not been completely on getting this done.

More to come!

CyPhaCon 2014 – Sat and Sun!

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CyPhaCon has come and gone, which makes me sad. CyPhaCon is one of the few events here in Lake Charles that the people go to that dont judge what you are into. Not only that, but every one of the fan groups that go to CyPhaCon impact Lake Charles in some positive way as I came to find out. During the con on Saturday I was doing my walk around and walked upon one of the staff members who was overlooking the con as I was. So I decided to stop for a minute to talk to him and see how everything was going. Thats another cool thing about this con is that the staff is the nicest people I have met that ran a con. They always talk to me during the con if they are not dealing with something at the moment.

Anyways, I walk up to this staff member and start talking to him. We get on the topic about how community oriented this con is and friendly everyone is. This staff person talks about it in greater detail about the raffles and charity money they have raised for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and how fast the con has grown because of it. Im not really sure if I should talk about this next part that he told me, but he started tearing up talking about all the fan groups and what they do for people in this area, one of which is the Star Wars fan group The 501st Squadron. He said they had heard about a little boy who was a fan of Star Wars and had a terminal illness, and this boy wanted to meet the actual characters of Star Wars. The 501st surprised this boy by sending Princess Leia and other look a likes to visit with him for an entire day. The little boy died ten days later. At this point I was with him trying to not out right cry about that story. Right then and there, if I remember correctly, someone came to get him about something so I gave him my card and told him to continue the great work. I love this con.

I have also finished going through all the pictures for basic edits and posted them to that link I have posted before. The only edits I have done to these pictures are make sure they are upright and delete the ones that I wont be able to photoshop or use in any way. Surprisingly, there were only about twenty or so pictures that I deleted, and a lot of them dont really need photoshopping. However, I will do some photoshopping anyways, just dont expect them so soon.

Heres the link again for the lazy:

If there is anything I have learned about this con, it is I need a light attachment for my camera and some long zoom lens as well. During the con one of my friends let me borrow his 55 – 200 zoom lens for the cosplay contest, and I got some interesting results because of it. He also let me store some of my stuff behind his table, so this is his shout out to him! Your awesome dude!

Lots of things happened during the con, and it was a lot of fun! I wish I could go to the other cons but just dont have the money to do so. :(

More things to come!