Go away cold.

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Go away cold weather. I hate you. Im tired of this wind chill and everything about winter. Hurry up summer, you are needed!

Got another test tomorrow, hence me not really posting since Friday. I know every one of yall are missing your cats and music, but its coming! Just a busy time for me right now.

In other news, my mom has cleaned out the New Room and put almost all the things she moved out of it into my room. I havent seen that room that clean since we built that room. Its weird. I can see the floor.

I also went to the career fair yesterday, and didnt really see any companies looking for a software engineer except for one place called SoftNice Inc. They were looking for .Net programmers and Hadoop as well. Hmm, thats weird, I just started working on converting my C# SpiderBot project to MongoDB and Hadoop from MySQL. So I got a few pamphlets from them to research them more.

Learned awhile back also that one of my buddies now lives in a scary neighborhood. It was funny, because I pulled up to the house for the first time and he comes walking out with his 1911 in open carry. He later said that he makes it a point to open carry it there when he walks outside. I dont blame him, his neighbors run a drive in car shop. I kind you not, the entire time I was there random cars would drive into their driveway and the man that sat outside there with his family would jump up and start working on the car. He had guys driving up with loud bass music on and the ones that didnt were there to get speakers fixed so they could. Remind me to not park on that street.