ASRock C2750D4I

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So I figured that I would talk about a computer I want to build fairly soon, or build multiple times. Take a look at this board:

C2750D4I-1(L)This board is a data hoarders dream. It has 12 SATA ports, four full size DDR3 slots with ECC Memory support up to 64 gb of ram, and an PCIe x8 slot for expansion. But the best part about this board I think is the CPU. The cpu on the ITX board is an Intel Avoton C2750 Octa-Core Processor. Thats right, eight cores in a fanless system!

I really like this board for its ability to multi-thread and connect tons of storage devices in such a small platform that I want to build one or two systems using this board. I would love to have all the SATA ports filled out with 8tb Seagate drives for long term storage on a RAID 6 array. But theres so much more I could do with this board.

One thing I would love to do with this board is to make four computers clustered together for a database server / cluster such as a MySQL server or a Cassandra cluster. Tons of processing cores with storage would be great for that.

The only problem with this board is that it costs about $400. Which would be a great gaming motherboard and cpu if spent else where. But I guess all its features have costs as well.

If I ever get one, I will do another post about it!