Content Filter: Packet Inspection and HTTPS

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Dang, has it really been so long since Ive updated anything? Goodness time gets away from me. I really need to spend some time on my blog.

So I have decided to setup a content filter on my network to help me control what gets transmitted to the browsers across my network. The problem is, I need a setup that can inspect HTTPS traffic so I can block known websites and domains that spread malware. Some malware gets transmitted through advertisements as well, which makes everyones browsing experience slow and dangerous. As far as I can tell, there is no easy way to do it without doing some sort of Man in the Middle attack, which is something Id rather not do. Id also like a transparent setup, but again that is something that I dont think is possible yet.

More to come as I research!


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The work has been piling up here. First school, then work at the school. Now add on my senior project to that with a cluster that doesnt seem to want to work. Plus what the sister gives me as well. So Ive been busy. Im trying to post on this blog atleast once a day with something, but even that seems hard at the moment. Lol. So heres my lazy post for today saying why there hasnt been much here lately. More to come!