SpiderBot Stats Test


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I have not been posting recently mostly because its starting to be test 1 at McNeese soon, and I have been studying. During my free time however, I have been working on my senior project which I am calling SpiderBot. SpiderBot is a web spider that is written in C# using MySQL and PHP for the search engine. So far I have gotten it to be functional and not crash, as well as the ability to set it up on multiple machines to spread the work out on my (pretend) cluster. I decided I would post an image of the stats for it and see if anyone is interested in downloading it for themselves and tell me how awesome / sucky it is.

In other news, I went to Church Point today for Mardi Gras. Which Was AWESOME. Drunk people everywhere chasing chickens. BBQ Food and alcohol as far as your stomach could eat. And the BEADS. Jesus the beads. As far as I knew, they were rocket propelled pellets of death and currency here. I saw someone trade beads for jello shots. Heck, they were giving us beer and jello shots from the floats! 😀

Awesome times were had.