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Job and Lunch!

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So I recently got a full time job! I started last Thursday and it couldnt be better. So now, I get to blog about my packed lunches! ­čśÇ

I  have brought this cute little thing that I have had my eye on for a few years now, but since I was in school and could just go home to get lunch, I never brought it. Now that I actually need it, I have gotten it! It is called Mr. Bento! Yes its Japanese!

First day of lunches with Mr. Bento!For today, I have packed gumbo, cubed potatoes, and cookies! Basically what I had laying around as leftovers!

The gumbo took up two bowls because I had to put the roux in one bowl and the rice and meat in another (because only one of these bowls are water tight). This gumbo is hand made, and delish! The cubed potatoes are just oven cooked with spices and oil, and easy bake cookies!

Im adding this to the blog to see how creative I can get in the foods I put in this little thing. Supposedly, this thing can keep things warm AND cool because it adds a separator  container of dead air between the four bowls.

Lets see how well this works!