Whitebox Build

Update: FCOE

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So I have done some more work on the Fiber Channel over Ethernet whitebox switch build! I got enough cheapo cards to test this idea, and man is it wonderful and a piece of crap at the same time. Im pretty sure it is because Im testing this idea on some really old hardware, but problems just keep cropping up. Like, if I reboot the machine, it will default the bridge for the LAN to instead to the 192 scheme for some reason. Then, the SFP+ ports will randomly not work when they just work off the two ports on my gigabit switch (hence showing why whitebox builds are a bad idea, they just dont work sometimes).

So what does this mean? I will still build the box, test it out, and giggle a little, but I will eventually just turn that box into my next gen hyperv environment. I will put my router on it as a VM, and have it be the 10gbps connection to my switch, and then just save up money to buy a small SFP+ switch to connect my SAN and servers together. Right now I just have my gaming / rendering box and my media server connected to the two SFP+ ports on my switch so I can have that 10gbps goodness for editing pictures and videos on the fly.

Would I recommend this project to people? No, unless you really want to play around with what you can do with such a build, I would not. It was nice when it worked, I got up to five computers with 200 MBps speeds between them! But it got to the point where I was rebooting that box two times a day to get it to work because it was running out of memory for the transfers. Not worth it since I needed that box to stay up and provide my services to the outside world such as for WWW and VPN. I will make a video eventually about it, but only when I get the new build up and running. Till then! :)